Signs That You Require Sewer Drain Cleaning

As soon as sewer drain clog occurs in your household that is just a beginning of severe problems that could happen. A clog can easily block the pipe and leave the waste and water nowhere to go.
Therefore, you will experience leakage and waste and water will go right back into your home. In case that you have a clog, it means that you have to conduct sewer drain cleaning. The idea is to stop using all your plumbing and appliances and wait for a professional to help you.
It is crucial to avoid flushing the toilet and using a washing machine until you remove everything and clean your sewer drain.
The ideal scenario is that you can catch the clog before it creates havoc in your household. We decided to present you most common signs that you have this particular problem.
1. Clogged Fixtures Around Your House
The most common sign of sewer drain clog happens when you see clogged fixtures around your home. If you have a few of them that obstructed and that is an indication that you have to clean your sewer drain until it becomes problematic.
However, homeowners tend to notice that one toilet is clogged all the time, which means that something is happening. Have in mind that bathrooms are the first line of attack and you will see signs in there if you have a significant issue.
The main reason for that is because the toilet has a direct path with the sewer system and they are a most substantial drain at the same time. As soon as you notice a clog in the bathroom, it means that your sewer drain is faulty and you have to do something about it.
At the same time, shower and bathtub will also be affected by clogged sewer drain since these drains tend to be lower than other ones. Therefore, you should check out tub, toilets, and shower to make sure that everything is in perfect order.
2. Check For Strange Reactions From Fixtures
Another important indication that will help you determine whether you have clogged sewer drain or not is by hearing and noticing storage reactions from plumbing fixtures. We will present to you the most common ones:
 As You Flush, The Water Backs Up In The Shower Or Tub – This particular problem happens because the water you decided to flush down does not have anywhere to go. That is the main reason why it will come back to its lowest point, which is mainly in shower drain and tub. This particular reaction is always an indication that you have something going on in a sewage drain.
 When You Turn On The Washing Machine, The Toilet Overflows – This is the same thing as the previous factor we have mentioned because if the washing machine is draining water and overflows the toilet, it means that you have a buildup inside your sewage drain and you have to do something about it.…