5 Family-Friendly Kitchen Design Solutions

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The kitchen has long been considered the heart of the home. For families, kitchens are often multipurpose areas—dining area, command center, homework station, etc. A smart layout and efficient design features can help organize your kitchen and make it an enjoyable place to gather. Here are 5 design options to consider when creating a family-friendly kitchen:

1. Double Islands

Islands are a popular feature when kitchen remodeling O’Fallon MO because they expand the food preparation area and provide additional dining space. If you have a sizable kitchen, double islands are the way to go. Double the space, double the storage.

2. Larder Pantries

Larders are like a mini room all of their own. Historically, they were used to store meat and dairy until refrigerators and freezers became mainstream. They are still a valuable storage solution and when combined with a pantry, can hold the endless snacks that all kids seem to need, as well as nonperishable goods, baking supplies, kitchenware and even appliances.

3. Hidden Appliances

Concealing appliances creates a clean, visually appealing look. Many appliances are not used all that frequently so it doesn’t make sense to have them occupy precious counter space. Items that are used regularly, such as a coffee maker or toaster, can be stored in a cabinet with a sliding mechanism for easy and ergonomic access.

4. Pet-friendly Spaces

Families who have a furry family member can tap into unused spaces in their kitchen to stow pet essentials. The toekick underneath the lower cabinets is the perfect spot to hold a drawer for food and water bowls.

5. Low-Maintenance Surfaces and Finishes

When it comes to kids, crumbs, dirt and unidentifiable sticky substances are the norm. Choosing surfaces and finishes that are durable and easy to clean will help you retain your sanity and keep your kitchen (mostly) glistening. Smudge-proof stainless steel and granite countertops are a safe bet for families.

When it comes to kitchen remodeling, there are many solutions available to families to maximize space. Consider what will work best to meet your family’s needs.…

4 Responsibilities of Owning Property

Responsibilities of Owning a Home and How to Fulfill Them | Leslie  Porterfield

Purchasing residential, farm, or commercial property can be a very good long-term investment. However, it is important to be aware of the obligations that you will have as a new property owner. Here are four of the responsibilities of owning property.

1. Paying Property Taxes

Property tax is paid by an individual or corporation that owns a piece of property. Property tax rates are based on the value of the property and vary from state to state in the United States, and often even vary from city to city. Property taxes go towards funding water and sewer, fire departments and police services, roads, schools, and other services in the local area.

2. Landscaping

If your property includes any amount of land or greenery, chances are you will need to perform landscaping duties unless you work with a local property management Glendale CA company. Landscaping can include activities such as watering and mowing the yard, planting flowers and trees, or trimming bushes. Landscaping should adhere to any local ordinances and directives from homeowner’s associations.

3. Maintenance

Having to do maintenance is one of the less fun things about owning property. Maintenance might involve repairing damage, replacing old appliances, and ensuring that the property is clean on the inside and the outside. If you live someplace that gets snow in the winter, clearing snow from walkways and putting down salt to prevent ice from building up will also be part of the maintenance that you will have to perform.

4. Making Mortgage Payments

Making mortgage payments is probably one of the biggest responsibilities of owning property. It is necessary to make your payments on time each month in order to prevent your credit score from lowering. Failing to make your mortgage payments can cause a home to go into foreclosure.

Consider these four responsibilities before you purchase a piece of property.…

3 Ways To Add Luxury to Your Kitchen

How to Make Your Kitchen Look More Expensive | Kitchen Magazine

For many homeowners, the kitchen is the place where they spend the most time. If you hang out in your kitchen a lot and would like to add some touches of luxury to this all-important living space, consider the following three suggestions.

1. Install a Marble Countertop

The weight, look and feel of a marble countertop brings instant luxury to any kitchen. Try a light-colored countertop if your kitchen tends to be dark and vice versa. One of the greatest advantages of marble countertops is that they are easy to clean and maintain. To find product options in your area, search online using your location. For example, enter “marble countertops Naples FL” into the search bar.

2. Hang a Chandelier

A signature lighting fixture like a chandelier adds a touch of luxury and class to a kitchen and functions as a conversation point. Of course, on the practical side, it also brings light into the room. Look for a chandelier that will work in your intended space, such as a height-adjustable option. You may also wish to go with an energy-efficient LED chandelier that uses up to 90 percent less energy than standard incandescent bulbs.

3. Upgrade Hardware

Replace sink fixture sets, drawer pulls or door handles for a luxurious impact that is generally more affordable than installing countertops or lighting. Get rid of your original stainless steel drawer pulls, for example, and install brushed nickel contemporary fixtures in their place. Go with gold or copper brushed finishes for an even more warm, luxurious feel that looks good with dark and light cabinetry.

If these three ideas appeal to you and you’d like to consider more luxurious options, browse interior designers’ websites and blogs. These resources often feature photo galleries, case studies and product reviews. There’s nothing like seeing professional ideas and transformations to inform your own design choices.…

Tips to Help You Decorate Your Oversized Living Room

New This Week: 4 Living Rooms With Nice Architectural Features

An oversized living room can feel like a wonderful and welcome luxury. While the ample space may feel like a beautiful bonus, it can also present decorating challenges. If you are decorating an oversized living room, here are a few must-try tips.

Adorned Windows

A large room can look extremely empty and even bigger when there is a lot of blank, underutilized space. If you want your large living room to feel spacious but cozy, you need to add blinds for large windows Atlanta. This small step can turn a lonely-looking room into something much more inviting.

Appropriately Sized Décor

You may need to rethink your approach to décor in a larger space. If your current décor is too small, it will make the room look even more expansive. Make sure that you select pieces that are appropriately sized. Everything from wall art that suits the sizable landscape to large, bold plants. You want décor that won’t get lost in the expansiveness of the room.

Oversized Furniture

When you have an oversized room, you have the flexibility and ability to include oversized furniture. Give yourself the grand seating arrangement that you have always dreamt of. Include an oversized ottoman or a massive, beautiful bookshelf. Don’t let your space go to waste.

Divided Sections

Just because your living room is one giant room, does not mean that it needs to function as one singular space. One way to make an overly large room feel a bit cozier is to divide it into sections. Whether you use a console table, a sectional or a screen to divide it, this can help you add form and function to a space that feels too big.

Approaching your living room with the same methods that you would use to decorate a standard size living room will be sure to lead to disaster. Use these tips and you can get the look and feel that you have always dreamt of. When you have a large living room, you need to consider the expansiveness of the space and decorate accordingly.…

Fun Ways To Decorate Your Home

40 Totally Free Ways to Decorate with What You Have | Better Homes & Gardens

A home won’t feel like your home unless you add some personal touches to it. When someone walks in, you want them to see the things that make you, you. After all, that’s one of the things that make your living space a joy to be in. Here are some fun and modern ways to decorate your home.

Buy Some Art

Loving art is universal. Everyone has preferences about what kind of designs and things they like to see depicted in it, but there’s no doubt that everyone has a deep appreciation of it in general. A cool and modern way to bring some vibrancy to your house is by purchasing fine art printed on acrylic glass.

Like with any medium of art, you can choose what kinds of scenes you want to see depicted in the pieces you decide to buy. Perhaps you have a preference for buildings in your art. Or maybe you like depictions of nature, such as trees and the sky. Even people or animals are an option. Whatever it is that you personally find interesting, it can be illustrated in your pieces.

Buy Some Plants

Plants are an amazing decorative option for homeowners. There are so many different kinds, and they come in so many different sizes, shapes and colors. As a result, they can fit any aesthetic you like.

Some people, for example, like all of their plants to be green in order to create a soft, calming atmosphere. Others prefer something more colorful and vibrant. They may fill their house with plants in all kinds of stunning colors that draw people’s attention.

Your house is your sanctuary. Therefore, you should decorate it in whatever way makes it feel your own. There are so many ways you can do this, but displaying art and plants are two of the most popular.…

Tips to Help You Create a Beautiful Home When You Lack an Eye for Design

Everything You Need to Know to Create a Focal Point in Interior Design

Many homeowners dream of that picture-perfect home filled with dazzling décor. While this is a common dream of many homeowners, it can be difficult to achieve if you lack an eye for design. While a proclivity for design can be useful, it is not necessary. If you want to have a beautiful home, but need some help, here are a few essential tips.

Bring in the Professionals

What you may not realize is that many homeowners rely on professionals to bring their designs to life. Contracting an interior design professional Rock Hill SC can give you access to the expertise and vision necessary to achieve your dream home goals. While they have what it takes to bring your vision to life, they also can help you curate a space that feels authentically you.

Find Your Aesthetic

The reality is that a space will only work well if it works for you. Living in a home that doesn’t showcase your style will feel inauthentic and uninviting. If you ever want to feel comfortable in your home, you need to find the style and aesthetic that speaks to you. By showcasing your personality in your home’s design, you can have a home that is both beautiful and is perfectly suited to you.

Develop a Cohesive Plan

The most important element of interior design is having a cohesive vision. If you have a mismatched, chaotically designed space, you will never be able to achieve your dream aesthetic. Clarity and vision can bring a room together and make a statement. Instead of throwing together whatever ideas intrigue you, spend some time detailing your vision and bringing some focus to the room.

When you are styling your home, these three tips are key. You don’t need to settle for blasé and unappealing when you can elevate your home’s look and feel. Transform your home into the beautiful space that you have always dreamed of, and you may even find it hard to believe that you live in such a stunning space.…

How to Hire a Locksmith

Things to Consider Before Hiring a Locksmith | carrefour-maires

If you need to hire a locksmith, something has gone wrong. Fortunately, there are many great options out there that can help you get back into your car, home or storage shed. However, you need to know what to look for when hiring a professional locksmith. This article will provide a few simple tips for choosing a locksmith who will get the job done quickly so you can get back to your daily tasks.

Find a Local Professional

Try to stay local. When you get locked out of your office or home, you need someone to show up as soon as possible. Also, every region has unique insurance requirements, so hiring a local locksmith will make sure you are covered. When looking for a quality locksmith service Minneapolis MN always consider your location.

Check for Certifications

Only hire locksmiths who are adequately certified and recognized by the national locksmith association. There are various ways a locksmith can be licensed, and they might specialize in certain aspects of locksmithing. Talk to the locksmith and make sure they can handle your situation.

Only Hire Insured Locksmiths

Do not hire a locksmith without insurance. The process of unlocking your property can cause damages depending on how complex the situation is. A locksmith who is appropriately insured can cover any damages and make sure you are not left worse off.

Look for Other Services

Look for locksmith companies that provide several services. If you are satisfied with their product, you can rely on them for other business or residential needs you may have. For instance, many locksmith companies also provide safes and security measures in addition to unlocking your door.

Read Reviews

Check the reviews for your locksmith. If you have no prior experience working with a locksmith, this is an excellent way to ensure you are not getting ripped off.

Locksmithing is a valuable service that can get you out of a bind. Make sure you hire certified professionals, and your property will be unlocked in no time.…

3 Benefits of Building a Well on Your Property

16 Things You Need to Know before Buying a Home with a Well

It used to be that every home or small group of homes had its own well. With the passage of time and technology, it eventually became common that most places outside of very rural homes rely on city water systems. However, there are still many benefits to using a well or even building a new well on your property.

1. You Won’t Have a Monthly Water Bill

While you’ll pay out of pocket to install a well on your property, it will pay for itself over time. When you’re no longer relying on the city water system, you’ll no longer need to pay them. The average water bill in the United States is about $70 a month, which means using well drilling services Hernando County FL could save you more than $800 per year.

2. You Don’t Need To Depend on Others

It might seem more convenient to use your city’s water source, but what if something goes wrong? If you have your own well water to rely on, you won’t be inconvenienced should something go wrong that causes the city to need to boil water or even to lose it completely. It’s also more convenient to have a well if you live in an area that has a lot of city water restrictions.

3. You May Increase Your Property Value

Installing a well may increase your property value. As long as your well is useful for drinking, you are likely to see at least some return on your investment if you sell the property. Of course, the larger the well and the better the water in it is, the more your property will be worth. If you own a farm, consider installing an irrigation well for an even bigger boost to the value of the land.

If you are considering installing a well on your property, call a reputable licensed professional. An experienced company can help you determine if you have safe drinking water on the land and which type of well will best meet your needs.…

Is Your Home Ready for a Hurricane? 3 Things You Can Do To Minimize Home Damage

How To Prepare Your Home For A Hurricane - Crime Scene Cleanup, Disaster  Cleanup & Biohazard Remediation

When meteorologists start talking about a hurricane coming ashore, many homeowners immediately begin preparing their supplies. At the top of the list, they usually place water, food and batteries. While these products certainly are essential, they are not the only things that residents should consider. The hurricane could harm the home’s structure without protection, leaving owners with massive repairs and expensive bills. The following are three things to do to fortify the residence.

1. Know Your Drainage Pattern

Many homes suffer from flooding when a hurricane blows through town. The massive drop of rainfall elevates water level, overflowing drainage systems, retention ponds and local waterways. Focus on keeping the water away from walls and the foundation. Install gutters to draw moisture away from the home and invest in devices that create a permeable barrier around the exterior perimeter. Sometimes communities have sandbags given out. Place them around the house, stacking them like bricks.

2. Know Your Roof’s Structure

Intense wind strength rips through the area when hurricanes arrive, attacking rooftops. Homeowners should check on the roof’s structure, assessing the shingles and flashing. Ensure that everything is tightly connected to the ceiling. Weak areas become vulnerable to the excess water, which could saturate the roofing materials, creating rot or mold.

If you are not an expert, research roofing companies in Daytona Beach FL to locate an establishment that can evaluate the roof’s current state and oversee the repairs.

3. Know How To Tie Down Trees

Another main obstacle during a storm is the threat of airborne items such as furniture or trees limbs. The wind’s force turns these belongings into hurling objects capable of putting holes through walls, roofs or windows. Learn how to stake trees to the ground. In addition, prune them regularly. Also, have a plan for where to put patio furniture and outside toys.

Prepare for yourself, but also think about the home too. You want to secure it as best as possible to mitigate possible damage.…

5 Tips for Making Your Living Room More Luxurious

5 Ways to Achieve a Luxurious Living Room - Little Big Red Dot

One of the most important places to invest your time and money in the home is your living room. For you, it is the next best place you are going to be spending the most of your time other than your living room. This, perhaps, is why many users on ReviewsBird.com are of the opinion that there is no amount of money spent on making your living room luxurious that is too much. However, it is important to note that it is not how much you spend on your living room that matters, but how well you go about it.

Having said that, let us consider some helpful tips from reviews of interior design firms that can be used to transform your living room.

1.      Use layered lighting

To make your living room appear luxurious, one of the things you can introduce into it is layered lighting. Other than the central lighting that is common in every living room, you can find some places in the sitting room and have them layered with light. In using layered lighting, it is best to keep it simple and professional to avoid the living room for appearing clumsy.

2.      Invest in art and paintings

Another way to make your living room appear more luxurious is to invest in art and paintings. The arts and paintings that you get for your living room doesn’t need to be too much or grandiose, you just have to ensure it is something you and everyone who comes into the living room can relate to. Also, it is very important that you find the best place to fit it in the living room, as positioning is everything when it comes to fixing arts and paintings in a room.

3.      Use textile to enhance the look

Experts have also suggested that using textiles can help to enhance the look of the living room and make it appear luxurious. However, beyond just influencing the look of the room, textiles also help to define the mood of the living room. Considering that you would want to create a fun space in your living room, textile can help you achieve that.

4.      Add mirrors to the room

One thing you should not miss out on if you want to enhance the look of your living room is adding mirrors. Mirrors give the room space a different look and enhance its overall aesthetic. Considering that there are different mirror options that you can consider, it is best that you go for a professional option.

5.      Introduce some flowers

Finally, to make your living room look more luxurious, you can introduce some flowers into it. You can get nice scenting flowers and have them made into a bouquet and positioned in strategic places in the living room. Keep the flowers minimal so you don’t make your living room appear clumsy.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to enhance the look of your living room and make it more luxurious. …