Tips for Choosing an Ideal Home

The developer offers two types of houses, namely ready stock and indent houses (new houses built after the sale and purchase contract). Each has advantages and disadvantages. Also see: Indent Home Buying Patent Tips

If the house is ready for habitation, you will usually be more calm. Because, the original form of the house has been seen so that it will be easier to convince the bank.

Besides that, you don’t have to wait too long, and you can immediately place it immediately. Even though the form of the house has been seen, you cannot yet confirm the truth of the house material.
4L Formula
While the advantages of indent homes, you can still monitor from the first stage to the end. You can even ask for additional home designs.

However, worries also shackle when setting a settlement time. Fear will take longer than expected.

Well, reported from the old, described another 4L formula that can be your reference in choosing a dream home, including legality, location, environment, and logic,

  1. Legality
  2. Location
  3. Environment
  4. Logic

Developers doing boombastic marketing are fine. Now, just your decision. Be a prospective buyer who does not directly believe in the lure of the developer.

For example, the price of a house is set at Rp500 million. Then, the developer said there would be a price increase of 20%. Your job, find out if it is true that housing will experience a price increase of 20%?

How, you can ask the surrounding community or see NJOP prices. Or it could be by gathering a list of nearby housing that had already been built.

Then, calculate the range of increase and difference. If you need to ask the occupants of the house.

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