Realty Service, A Sales Tool For Real Estate Professionals

A realty service that is free? Yes. free, if you qualify. The home service guide is a soft cover book eight and a half inches by eleven this sales tool you will find listed inside all the information a person buying a new home or even an older home in your town would need to get things done once they move in. They would find a map in the two center pages, this will help them learn their way around more easily and quickly, blurbs about renovating, painting, electrical work, carpentry, gardening or landscaping, maybe even surveying the land. A little free knowledge is always welcome and appreciated.
All the important phone numbers such as hospitals, schools, lawyer, dentist, clubs, rec centers police services.
The first page has a welcome address from the town mayor with his or her Mayor will usually expound upon the virtues of the town with grace and make the new person feel more welcome.
The balance of the guide is filled with local business ads that a person might need to repair, fix or just change a few things like lawyers, plumbers, landscapers, taxi companies flooring, draperies, etc. etc.
If you are needing a little help with your sales these home service guides have proven to be very effective as a sales tool to give value to your customer.
With the economy being what it is these days it is nice to see something available that will not only be of value to the real estate market but also of great value to the potential customer and at no cost to either.

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