The Right Tricks for Filling New Houses

better is happy if a newly married couple can immediately own a house. Especially if your dream home mortgage is obtained after saving a few years.

Usually, after seeing an empty house, there arises the desire to fill a new house. Husbands can be confused to see the sophistication of electronic goods. While the wife easily tempted promos. Even though at that time, savings had just been drained to pay for the face of the Mortgage Loan (KPR).

For those who have more savings, buying furniture in cash is certainly better. But of course, you can use other methods by buying furniture in installments using your credit card.

Actually, there is no need to rush to fill the new house. If you can’t buy a sofa, it doesn’t matter if you have to be healthy. However, of course, there is some furniture that must be held. Make sure the items you buy are really because the needs are not just for display. This is the right way to fill a new home:

1. Put the Most Needed Furniture First

Make a list of items intended to support daily life. Then make the order of the most urgent furniture to be purchased immediately, such as a stove. Because after all, cooking yourself will be cheaper than having to buy food at a shop or restaurant every day.

If you are a young couple who will soon have a baby, electronic goods that need power are refrigerators. Its function is to store milk ASI (ASIP) during breastfeeding later.

2. “Number Two” Quality Goods

Clothing storage also needs to be prepared. But there is no need to go crazy to force yourself to buy products made from teak wood. You can choose a cabinet with quality “Momordica”. But make sure the item is also not cheap. For example, select cabinets with press wood. As long as you treat and diligently wipe the damp part, the wooden cupboards last longer than the plastic cupboards.

3. Use Old Goods

When you still live alone in a boarding house, surely you have some daily equipment. For example cutlery or even rice cookers and small televisions. Then just use old items and benefit from your partner.

Hunting for used goods can also be done on buying and selling sites on the internet. Be diligent in surfing in cyberspace, visit various online stores and then compare prices with one another. So, you will get used furniture that is still good at affordable prices.

4. Buy Electronic Goods with Zero Installment Percent

Get electronic items for household needs in an ingenious manner. First, find a store that offers zero percent installments. Does the promo apply with the credit card you have? If yes, you don’t need to hesitate to buy it. But keep in mind, this benefit only applies if you pay on time every month.

5. Furniture Loans Coupled with KPR

If your financial condition is still healthy with mortgage payments below 30 percent, then there is still room to increase debt. You can repay electronic items in the first two years as long as your mortgage interest is still flat.

You also can choose a home credit program in the bank where you apply for a mortgage. In the program, you can repay electronic items or furniture in the course of the house installments. Well, congratulations on filling a new home.

Oh yes, some credit cards have a 0% light installment program for the first few months you might be able to use furniture.

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