3 Ways You Can Help Someone With a Hoarding Problem

Helping Someone with Hoarding Disorder - HelpGuide.org

Does a family member, friend, or other loved one you know have a hoarding problem? Although this might seem scary and overwhelming, it is possible to get them the help they need. Discover more about what you can do to assist them and help them get their house under control.

1. Understanding the Psychology Behind Hoarding

It’s essential to realize that hoarding is a psychological issue. Many people are worried about throwing things away, losing things they need during a purge, or otherwise letting go. It is helpful to work with a therapist who is skilled in hoarding issues, so they can help you approach your loved one in the least threatening way possible.

2. Approach Them About Offering Help

Understand that no matter what you say or do, the hoarder is likely to get upset or otherwise take offense to your suggestions and offer for help. Depending upon their age, the state of their house, and if there are children or older adults present, it might be vital to get them out of the home. Know that even if they get upset, helping them work toward a cleaner home that they can be safe in is the best choice.

3. Seek Assistance in Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning out the home, it’s important to start small and take breaks as necessary. This will make it easier for you and the individual you are helping. You might benefit from using home decluttering services Clinton IL┬áthat can help them target certain areas. Do not expect to get too much done at once. Just remember that making progress is the most important part.

If someone you love has a hoarding problem, getting a therapist involved can help. Approach the individual carefully, and consider professional cleaning assistance as you work together on their home.