Facts About Decks

Everyone loves their deck. It is a fun place to hang out during the spring and summer. However, there is more to these locations than you expected. Here are some basic facts about decks.

Different Fasteners Can Be Used

Not all residential decks are made with nails. Some can be made with screws. Others may be bolted together in many places. Additionally, some will be made with stainless steel fasteners. Others will have coated screws.

Supports Can Be Concealed

Most people don’t mind seeing the supports of their decks. Others hate it and will try to cover it up with plants. While this is effective, another option is to use a concealing fence to hide your supports.

Different Materials Can Be Used

Nowadays, you have so many material choices. For those who like real wood, you can find cedar or redwood. Hardwoods like ipe and jarrah are also a fashionable option. These give you a luxurious appearance that will last for years. However, they tend to be expensive.

Synthetic materials, like vinyl, are also an option. These are maintenance-free and can last for decades. However, they can be expensive. Also, they look very different from real wood.

It Needs Maintenance

An elevated deck made from wood is a gorgeous sight. However, it is going to require a lot of maintenance to keep it in tip-top shape.

It Can Have Levels

Some people want spacious decks. However, they may not have enough room for a giant platform. In this case, it is time to build two or three levels. This lets people congregate and find cozy areas. Additionally, a second level can break up the lengthy staircase on most decks.

There are tons of facts about decks. These are just the start that can get you closer to caring for and decorating your deck properly.