Is Your Home Ready for a Hurricane? 3 Things You Can Do To Minimize Home Damage

How To Prepare Your Home For A Hurricane - Crime Scene Cleanup, Disaster  Cleanup & Biohazard Remediation

When meteorologists start talking about a hurricane coming ashore, many homeowners immediately begin preparing their supplies. At the top of the list, they usually place water, food and batteries. While these products certainly are essential, they are not the only things that residents should consider. The hurricane could harm the home’s structure without protection, leaving owners with massive repairs and expensive bills. The following are three things to do to fortify the residence.

1. Know Your Drainage Pattern

Many homes suffer from flooding when a hurricane blows through town. The massive drop of rainfall elevates water level, overflowing drainage systems, retention ponds and local waterways. Focus on keeping the water away from walls and the foundation. Install gutters to draw moisture away from the home and invest in devices that create a permeable barrier around the exterior perimeter. Sometimes communities have sandbags given out. Place them around the house, stacking them like bricks.

2. Know Your Roof’s Structure

Intense wind strength rips through the area when hurricanes arrive, attacking rooftops. Homeowners should check on the roof’s structure, assessing the shingles and flashing. Ensure that everything is tightly connected to the ceiling. Weak areas become vulnerable to the excess water, which could saturate the roofing materials, creating rot or mold.

If you are not an expert, research roofing companies in Daytona Beach FL to locate an establishment that can evaluate the roof’s current state and oversee the repairs.

3. Know How To Tie Down Trees

Another main obstacle during a storm is the threat of airborne items such as furniture or trees limbs. The wind’s force turns these belongings into hurling objects capable of putting holes through walls, roofs or windows. Learn how to stake trees to the ground. In addition, prune them regularly. Also, have a plan for where to put patio furniture and outside toys.

Prepare for yourself, but also think about the home too. You want to secure it as best as possible to mitigate possible damage.