Things to Consider when Renting a Dumpster

Renting a dumpster is necessary whenever a large amount of junk is cleared away. This happens at the outset of a construction project, a big move, or de-cluttering a large storage space. The act of throwing things away sounds simple enough, but in the case of renting a dumpster you need to be cautious. Mistakes can be made that create a lot of headache and add on to overall cost. So, here are the most common thing you should avoid when renting a dumpster.

Renting the Wrong Size

Dumpsters come in a select group of sizes. This is meant to provide convenience, but it often leads to costly mistakes. The last thing you need is to rent a dumpster that is the wrong size. If you go to big than you burn money on wasted space. If you go to small you have to burn money to rent another unit for the overflow. You need to take into account just what you will be clearing away and how much space you will need. If you take the time to properly measure and factor your yield, then you can rent a dumpster that is the perfect size without additional cost.

Lack of Organization

It may sound funny but if you do not throw your waste away in an organized manner it may lead to problems. You would think that it is as simple as step up and toss, but waste can be bulky or awkwardly shaped. If you do not organize how you toss junk into the dumpster you may end up filling it with wasted space. The general rule of thumb is that small objects go in first and large objects go in last. This allows all the smaller objects to be packed in to save space. Then the larger objects can be piled on without wasting space.

Dumping Hazardous Materials

Dumping hazardous materials is a big deal. Such waste has to be carefully disposed of and not every dumpster service can do that. In fact, there are some materials that no dumpster service will touch. You have to check with your service about what you can throw away prior to actually throwing it away. You can get fined or worse if you dump a hazardous material into a dumpster not equipped to carry it. It can also be quite dangerous.

Improper Placement

Placing the dumpster in the wrong spot can get you fined. It can also cause damage to the surrounding area. Placing the dumpster in a way where it impedes traffic can create a huge headache and lots of logistical problems. So, check on dumpster services minneapolis mn in your area. First and make sure you know where the dumpster can be placed. Plan out the location in advance so that it will not get in the way.

Improper Timing

A dumpster rental is just that, a rental. If you do not schedule it correctly it may end up getting hauled away before your job is finished. The best way to avoid this is by renting the dumpster right before the whatever waste will be created. In this way it arrives precisely when you need it.