Why would you buy a secondhand shipping container?

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Did you know that the production of only one new shipping container emits 11.807 kilos of CO2? And did you know that you can do so many great things with secondhand containers? Have you ever thought about buying a secondhand container? This is why it could come in handy.

Create extra space in your garden

A used shipping container could create extra space in your garden. You could create a tiny house for your parents so you can take care of them when they get older. Or you could make it a play room for your (grand) children. You could also rent it to tourists to earn an extra income. Of course, you could also create an outdoor living room for yourself, or make a (wo-)man cave. And did you know that used shipping containers could easily be converted to swimming pools? And finally, you can also place a shipping container to create a cheap house for your child, whey they want to move out of the house. Check out these Eveon containers to see all different options what you could do with used shipping containers.

Offices, class rooms and restaurants

In addition to the previous options, you could use shipping containers to create extra offices or even class rooms, if you would use them for schools or universities. Check out the used shipping containers for sale if you want to get an idea of the prices. They cost a lot less than most other options that you would use to create extra space. You might need to obtain permits and you have to check out the delivery requirements. But after that is being settled, you will save the company a lot of money. They can be altered in any way. Place doors and windows, paint it with a beautiful color and you will not even notice that it is a shipping container. They are also used as cheap ways to build restaurants.

Why secondhand shipping containers?

Used shipping containers are really strong. Before you buy the shipping containers, they have been inspected thoroughly and repaired if needed. They are wind and watertight and ISO certified. Some have a wooden floor. You can choose between 20ft and 40ft. It is easy to buy them online, but before you do, you can also contact the company to see if they have any advise for you. Make sure you obtained the right permits first and that your meet the delivery requirements. It will bring so much joy and extra living space. Enjoy it!