Why You Should Choose Keypad Door Lock Orlando

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Keypad locks use a numerical code instead of a traditional key. They are an excellent choice for businesses, vacation rentals, and residential homes. They eliminate the need for keys and can be easily distributed to children, guests, and service providers.

Property owners must significantly adjust doors or frames to install digital keypad locks. But that’s not true.


The most significant advantage of keypad locks is that they remove the need for keys. It eliminates the risk of lost or stolen keys and enables homeowners to monitor entry into their property. Additionally, it allows homeowners to distribute temporary security codes to guests and service providers efficiently.

A unique code is used by the keypad door lock Orlando to unlock or lock the door. You enter this code using a numerical pad like a calculator. The hardware used by the keypad lock is distinct from that of conventional locks. They get more robust and more challenging to break into as a result.

Moreover, keyless locks can be controlled remotely with a smartphone. It benefits people who are constantly on the move or run vacation rental properties. They can lock, unlock, check the status, and even set up notifications from their phone anywhere. Besides, you can give each family member their custom pin to control who enters and leaves the house.


Keypad locks can eliminate the need for keys, which can be lost or stolen. This feature can be especially beneficial in multifamily buildings, student accommodations, and other places staff frequently visit.

Due to frequent use or weather elements, traditional locks can get worn down and break. However, keypad locks can last longer with proper maintenance.

Additionally, they don’t have cylinder mechanisms and cannot be bumped or picked like ordinary locks. Changing the security pin code remotely is also possible, eliminating the need for a locksmith.

With a keypad lock, kids do not have to carry a house key that they might lose during their busy school day. It could lead to them being locked out of their house and may also represent a risk to the safety and security of others. With a keypad lock, they enter their passcode and unlock the door. The parents can monitor their activity with the lock from their mobile phones, and they can set a temporary PIN for visiting guests or students.

Ease of installation

The type of lock installed at your home or business directly impacts security and convenience. Traditional locks often have disadvantages, such as requiring people to carry keys (which can easily be misplaced) and being vulnerable to being “bumped” or jimmied by criminal elements. In addition, stolen or lost keys represent a significant security risk since they can be copied without your knowledge or consent.

Keypad door locks offer an excellent solution to these disadvantages, eliminating the need for keys. You can grant access to your children, guests, and service providers with unique codes so that you can keep track of who enters and leaves. You can even set schedules for locking and unlocking your door to maintain strict control over who has access, when, and where.

Keypad locks also have a hardware design that is less likely to wear out over time, unlike traditional locks. It means you won’t have to deal with the frustration of wriggling or shimming your lock to get it to work or dealing with the broken key inside that can happen in older locks.


Unlike traditional locks that can be “bumped” or jimmied, keypad locks don’t leave room for criminals to gain access. They also reduce the risk of losing keys, which can lead to getting locked out in a pinch. It can save you a lot of money from having to call locksmith services in Orlando for help to get back inside.

They also require fewer maintenance efforts compared to conventional lock systems. They don’t wear out as frequently and need much less lubrication than other locks.

Most of them use batteries, so they are easily replaceable by property owners or tenants when they run out. They can also log incorrect code attempts and entries, giving property managers or landlords a more accurate picture of who has been entering the property. It can help them improve security for their tenants and protect the property. They can even alert the property owner or tenant via email, text, or phone of any change in the lock’s status.